Vendela Theme

Fonts: Cormorant Garamond + Quicksand

Colors: #f1f1f1 #cccccc #dddddd #333333 #000000

First post image: 1200px+

Profile image: 500-700px

Sidebar image: 300-400px

Go to:
  1. Installation — how to install the theme and make sure it's responsive
  2. Basics — header settings, menu setup, social icons, etc
  3. Widgets — slider, profiles, featured boxes, etc

01 Installation

  1. Go to Theme
  2. Click on the arrow next to "Customize"
  3. Select "Restore" and upload the xml file

If you get an error, activate one of Blogger's default themes and then try to upload the xml file again.

Upload theme to Blogger
If the theme is not responsive
  1. Go to Theme
  2. Click on the arrow next to "Customize"
  3. Select "Mobile Settings"
  4. Check "Desktop" and save the changes
Make Blogger theme responsive

02 Basics

  1. Blog title/description + logo settings
  2. Menu configuration
  3. Social icons

03 Widgets

Avoid removing any of the widgets; if you want to hide a widget, go to Layout > open it > uncheck Show [widget-type] (Image, HTML/JavaScript, etc). I have edited the HTML of some of the widgets to make them look a certain way, so removing and adding them again will undo the changes and they wont look as they do in the demo.

  1. Slider settings
  2. Profile (home & sidebar)
  3. Signup forms
  4. Instagram feed
  5. Pinterest feed
  6. YouTube feed
  7. Popular posts
  8. Featured post
  9. Search form
  10. Contact form
  11. Set up a Links page
  12. Add a post signature

If there's a problem...

You can head over to the troubleshooting page. If you are unable to find a fix, feel free to contact me.